Stretch Funds Further

Kids Mobility Network provides discounts on new and used equipment to maximize the benefit to the family.  Each child on the CES Waiver has a $1,000 benefit specifically for therapeutic recreation equipment.  By offering discounts, Kids Mobility Network stretches these funds further to limit cost to the family.

Low Out-of-pocket Costs for Families

By offering discounts, then applying the CES funds, Kids Mobility Network maximizes the benefit so families pay less.  Let us provide you with a quote today to show you the power of our discounts and waiver program.

Full Service Makes it Easy for Case Managers & Families

Kids Mobility Network works closely with case managers at all Community Centered Boards (CCB's) to make this process simple.  Our full service model includes:

  • Assist family in selecting the proper equipment
  • Assist in creating the proper configuration
  • Provide rapid quoting
  • Assist case manager and family to achieve rapid approval
  • Order fulfillment
  • Equipment assembly
  • Fitting and training

How to Get the Process Started

Contact Kids Mobility Network today to learn more about this program and how we can help your child get an adaptive bike or other therapeutic recreational equipment.  To get the process started, please complete our Therapeutic Recreation Intake Form.  Once complete, simply email it to info@kidsmobility.org.

Kids Mobility Network has developed an innovative program that allows families to better utilize their benefits under the CES Waiver to acquire therapeutic recreational equipment such as adaptive tricycles, jog strollers or more.  This benefit is unique to the CES Waiver and does not impact other benefits.